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Machining and Fabricating Services in the Kamloops area

Since 1992, Acumen Machine Ltd. has been the top choice for CNC machining and fabricating services throughout the Kamloops area. We specialize in developing the products for our clients from electronic drawings, blue prints, or just ideas. As part of our updated facility, our machine shop is complete with everything required to custom fabricate based on your project needs. We use advanced equipment and techniques to ensure the best results for every project.


From welding, cutting, and drilling to surface grinding, we have the experience and skills to provide our clients with long-lasting solutions. We specialize in offering a complete range of machine shop services, including welding, fabricating, custom manufacturing, and designs. Our facility is well-known for exceptional customer service, advanced CNC machine technology, and quality results. We provide precision metal manufacturing and designs using a wide range of processes such as CNC programming, production milling, 3-axis milling, flexible milling, short-run milling, production turning, short-run turning, threading, and rethreading.


Our services include:

  • Welding and fabrication

  • High-definition plasma cutting

  • Aluminum welding

  • Stainless steel welding

  • Plate rolling

  • Driveline parts and repairs

  • CNC machining

  • Hydraulic cylinders

  • Spray welding

  • Profile and surface grinding

  • Portable line boring

  • Machining

  • Tool and mold design and manufacturing

  • Feed rolls and knurling

  • Computer-aided design and drafting

  • Sawmill equipment manufacturing

  • Mining equipment manufacturing

We fabricate metal products of various types such as:

  • Cast iron

  • Carbon steel

  • Alloy/structural steel

  • Tool and mold steel

  • Stainless steel

  • Aluminum/aluminum alloys

  • Copper/copper alloys

  • Nickel

  • Brass and bronze

  • Plastic

  • Specialty metals (titanium alloys, nickel alloys, and more)

We sell:

  • Aluminum

  • Steel

  • Stainless steel

  • UHMW - particularly plastic

  • Plate

  • Shafting

  • Tubing

  • Driveline parts

  • Keystock

Welding/cutting types we use are:

  • Shielded metal arc welding (arc/stick)

  • Gas tungsten arc welding (TIG)

  • Gas metal arc welding (MIG)

  • Flux-cored arc welding (MIG)

  • Oxy/Acetylene cutting

  • Plasma cutting/welding

  • Gouging

  • Soldering

Our additional services include:

  • Drilling

  • Manual mill and lathe work

  • Jigs and fixtures

  • Quality control

  • Prototyping

  • Reverse engineering

  • Hydraulics

  • Material test reports

Other machine finishing capabilities we employ include:

  • Sanding

  • Polishing

  • Grinding

CWB Certifications

  • CSA W47.1 Fusion Welding of Steel Company Certification

We can provide our services in-shop, or in open air, or in any mobile location. Call us to learn more about our services.

Precise and Detailed Work

The foundation of our CWB-certified machine shop is our latest equipment, along with advanced techniques, and experienced staff.

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General Information

Acumen Machine Ltd.
733 Tagish Street
Kamloops, BC

V2H 1B6

24/7 Emergency Service: 250-372-1772

Toll Free: 1-800-352-9993


Fax: 250-372-1789

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Service Area

Kamloops and surrounding areas


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